Game Promotion : Wavy Navy

March 6, 2018

We’re pleased to announce that the first chapter of Wavy Navy is now available on Google Play. Check it out to get ahead of the game!

The Story

The USS Nebrahoma, a huge Tesla-class aircraft carrier, has mysteriously disappeared at sea. No trace of wreckage, nor of her crew of over 4000 sailors, can be found. What mysterious force could cause a ship of that size to vanish? Is it the Reds? Pirates? Or the frightening new political force gaining power across the world’s oceans, known only as “the Collective”?

You, Captain Hatch of the USS Maine York, have been ordered to find the Nebrahoma. What you discover instead is a massive conspiracy centered on strange codes, lunatic leaders, and technology that may not be of this Earth…or even this solar system.

The Action

Based upon the classic 1983 Wavy Navy, this game is a fixed shooter in which your vessel is attacked by aircraft overhead. You respond with missiles, both your own and the more advanced weaponry that can be stolen from downed airships. Enemy pilots can be captured for additional bonuses.

There is also a mystery to solve between battles. You investigate the mysterious Collective, a loose alliance between a series of unrelated island nations that possess firepower which far outstrips their size and wealth. To unravel the conspiracy, you’ll have to bluff or trick enemy pilots into revealing information such as secret codes, the source of their advanced weaponry, and the person who ordered the destruction of the Nebrahoma.

Special Features

Classic game action with 21st century style. The original Wavy Navy was created in 1983 for the Apple II. Although much beloved, this fixed shooter obviously needed updating for the modern era. The action is based on the 1983 version, but with better graphics and all-new weapons. The characters, missions, artwork, and score are also totally original. So not only can you get your fix of an old-school game, but you can solve the mystery of the Collective and saving the planet as well!

Multiple surprise endings. At every level, your choices make a difference. You may be offered the chance to negotiate with the enemy, to bluff an opponent, or to attack without warning. Each option affects your future; once this battle is won, how will your decision affect the war? In the end, you and only you can decide who dominates the planet…but you may not be aware of the consequences of your choice until it’s too late.

Entertaining characters. You are joined at the helm by Lieutenant Starr and Lieutenant Norfleet, who are loyal to you as they are snippy with each other. Together you encounter an increasingly strange set of personalities…all of whom are determined to see you sunk! There’s Captain Henry Penn, the ultimate Ayn Randian capitalist; Captain Orlov, who’s almost more interested in blowing up his fellow conspirators than killing you; Vice Admiral Euphrasia de Lestonnac, a religious fanatic who runs her island like a nunnery; and many others. Bluff, bribe, intimidate, or deal with each of these petty dictators in order to discover the true power behind them all.

In-universe podcast with game bonuses and hints. If you’ve visited Lost Island Entertainment’s site before, then you’re probably familiar with the Planetary Broadcast Network and its evening news anchor James Dixon. Dixon has been investigating the events of Wavy Navy from the very beginning, starting with the mysterious disappearance of the USS Nebrahoma. His investigations offer valuable hints that can help you make some of the serious decisions described above, as well as providing background information on the retro-futurist universe of the game. What’s more, there are secret messages hidden within the podcast that, when deciphered, provide cheat codes for the game. But you have to be a Fission Ranger to figure them out!

Coming Soon!

The first chapter is available to play now, and the rest of the game will be released soon! Be sure to check out the Planetary Broadcast Network for game hints and codes, and stay tuned for further updates.