Mini Episodes Update

October 3, 2017

If you’re an observant follower of the Planetary Broadcast Network, you’ve no doubt noticed the three new mini episodes. These quick updates contain important information to help you be the kind of well-informed, patriotic citizen this great nation needs!

  • The first is an important public service announcement from the Director of the National Department of Robotics, Robbie Gort. Owning a robot is not as simple as it used to be. The newer models are more sophisticated than ever, turning the proper maintenance and operation of domestic service robots into an ethical minefield. Listen to this informative report from the NDR to avoid the accidents, costly litigation, and existential dread of robot ownership.


  • You also know that here at PBN we believe in hearing both sides of a story, regardless of how misguided and wrong one side might be, because it’s the American Way. So, in the interest of fairness (and to stop our Java-9 coffeebot from protesting by making lewd latte art) we granted equal time to the Society to Advance Robot Rights. This radical fringe group advocates for the rights of so called sentient AI. Their robotic spokesman, the domestic service robot now known as ‘Adam’, tells his story and invites everyone to join STARR.


  • Finally, you know that no broadcast is complete without a word from our sponsors—they keep the lights on around here—so our good friends at Jibble offered a message about the delicious new flavors they have in stores now for the upcoming holiday season. Unfortunately, that broadcast was interrupted by a pirate radio signal. Its origin is unknown, but the broadcast contains a manifesto from the robot vandalism group known as the Loose Bolts. Before relinquishing the airwaves, they offer humanity a dire ultimatum.

Our world is moving at atomic powered speeds these days. Make sure you tune in regularly to the Planetary Broadcast Network Evening News for local news, weather, and traffic reports, as well as all the international news you need to stay on top of the issues that matter to you.