The Real Fission Girl

August 7, 2017

Most fans are already aware that Fission Girl’s sidekick and faithful maid is named “Marie” as a tribute to Madame Curie; however, few know that the Half-Life Heroine herself is actually based on a real person. Back in 1945, when head writer and creative director Kirby Neil was asked to develop a new atomic-age adventure series for the fledgling Gamma Rad Studios, he immediately thought of his childhood hero, nuclear physicist Ida Bainbridge.

You may remember from your elementary physics class that Bainbridge was an early pioneer of Eigenstate management in adiabatic processes, but less well known are her contributions to the ekpyrotic cyclic universe theory, which makes possible the small, powerful atomic batteries that power everything from our SignalMax portable radios to our personal service bots.

While the real Ida Bainbridge never battled Captain Carcinogen, she did lead an exciting life as a chief researcher for the Department of Defense until her tragic death by accidental disintegration in 1941.

No one knows how Neil was able to convince the brass at Gamma Rad to take a gamble on a female lead character, but somehow he managed, and the rest is broadcast history! The Adventures of Fission Girl is one of the most successful radio serials of all time, with a huge, dedicated fan base of all ages. Nearly every school kid in America has a Fission Ranger decoder ring, but there are over 150 official Fission Girl products, from t-shirts, coffee cups, and housewares to toys, games, and radioactive monitoring devices.

Tune in each week to follow the exciting adventures of Fission Girl and her faithful maid Marie, as they battle those who would use nuclear power for evil!

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