Wavy Navy Mobile Game Official Announcement

June 28, 2017

In a world of flying cars and domestic robots, technology can still go awry: contact has just been lost with a US Navy Aircraft Carrier, the USS Nebrahoma. Your ship, the USS Maine York, is on a top-secret mission to either find, or avenge, the missing vessel.

The locals aren’t making it easy; newly-formed island nations keep taking potshots at you with airships, blue laser cannons, and other experimental technology you’ve never even heard of. Where on Earth are they getting these devices—-or are they even from Earth at all?

What’s more, fingers are pointing in every direction regarding the lost Nebrahoma . . . including at your own admiral! Can you unravel the mystery before the shadowy forces of the “Collective” send you to a watery grave?

Wavy Navy is a game of naval combat and international mystery in a nuclear-powered, retrofuturist 1950s. Battle crazed dictators, capture futuristic weapons, and assemble clues about the lost USS Nebrahoma. Wavy Navy—-coming in early September!

Stay tuned for regular posts with Easter eggs, “interviews” with game characters, concept art, development updates, and more!